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Welcome to Nathalie’s Interior Design, where fresh perspectives and an international touch merge to transform spaces into captivating experiences. With a specialization in residential remodels and new builds, we bring a unique blend of traditional charm and modern aesthetics to create truly exceptional environments. Nathalie’s Interior Design can elevate your living spaces and create an atmosphere that truly resonates with your vision. Explore our portfolio to witness the seamless blend of aesthetics, functionality, and refined craftsmanship that sets us apart.


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“I’ve been in the construction business since 1989. Nathalie is the best interior designer I’ve ever worked with. She understands the construction process and patiently resolves any issues that inevitably come up with remodeling. Whenever we disagreed on a solution, we’d find a compromise that made us both happy. On this one project, she was there for our client to help move everything in. The day after, she was back to add the finishing touches. That’s impressive.”

Ali Atri

“Nathalie should have her own design TV show. She’s that good! She was a brilliant navigator when my wife and I decided to undertake a major renovation of our family home. Nathalie made the most of our limited floor plan and added so many unique elements that delight us. Our small study now doubles as a fifth bedroom, thanks to a murphy bed. The big, open game room above the kitchen looks great with the furniture, lamps and rugs she recommended. She introduced us to a talented carpenter who custom built our bookshelves and bed headboard. Nathalie is meticulous and insightful. She was with us every step of the way. We’re so proud of our forever home.”

Chris Sinclair

“As a real estate professional, I’ve seen the best and worst of interior design. When it came to renovating my home, Nathalie helped me make it my own without going too far. Like choosing a unique shade of green, the color of money, for my kitchen. Friends thought I was crazy but now everyone loves it. Nathalie is a worldwide traveler who draws inspiration from many countries and cultures. She’s knowledgeable and experienced in both hard and soft design. I tend to second guess myself but learned to trust her opinions and that made the process much easier.”

Luda Vaynshteyn

“Thanks to Nathalie’s creativity and determination, the home my grandparents built in 1954 is now the home where I’m raising my family. I respect her knowledge of design, functionality and the building process. Nathalie came up with so many thoughtful strategies during this complete renovation. She converted the den into our master bedroom by adding near the fireplace a hidden door to a storage room that became a closet. I remember the joy my grandmother felt watching the birds from her sunroom. Nathalie rebuilt that room and added wallpaper with a beautiful bird design. She reused some of the original bricks to pave our patio. Nathalie is so genuine, calm and laid back. The perfect antidote for my Type A personality. She took care of any issues along the way before I even knew about them.” 

Maren Brisson

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